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Western Kenya is suffering from the devastation caused by HIV-AIDS.

In Busia District alone, almost half of the children have lost one or both their parents to AIDS and 30% of the adults are HIV positive.


The primary goal of the Children of Bukati (COB) Project is to enable all AIDS orphans and destitute children in the rural village of Butula to attend the Bukati Primary School.
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The "Children of Bukati" project expanded in 2010 to include 2 schools within Busia District:

  • Bukati Primary School, in the town of Butula.  This was the original school. 
    Bukati became self-sufficient in 2012.
  • Bwaliro Primary School, in the outskirts of Butula.   Funding started in 2010.


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December 2017 Newsletter - Bwaliro Update & University Student Update

Braids, written by Robert Munsch, was donated by him to eight-year-old Taya Kendall, who has now published the book, and is donating all proceeds from the sale of Braids to the Children of Bukati Project.

Braids was launched on June 16, 2009, the International Day of the African Child. Braids is available in stores and online.

Click here for more details about Braids, and how to buy the book.


IF you are interested in sponsoring a High School Student, or contacting the Children of Bukati project for another reason,
please contact this website at info@childrenofbukati.com.

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