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Dr. Cate Dewey
is a veterinarian and a university professor who went to rural Western Kenya to conduct research aimed at improving the lives of poor subsistence pig farmers. Through this work she encountered many children who were not attending elementary school because they did not have a pencil or a uniform. From the need that she observed first hand, she launched the Children of Bukati project. Cate traveled to Kenya six times between February 2006 and July 2007 to continue her research work. Each time, she has taken time to work with the Bukati Primary School to ensure that the project is fulfilling its goals. Cate will continue to return to Kenya over the next several years.

Randy Dewey is responsible for the connection between Canadian school children and the pupils at the Bukati Primary School. He started a library at the school with used library books from Canada. People travelling from Canada to Kenya have carried 200 kg of books for the library.

Peter Guthrie is the treasurer of the Children of Bukati project.

Dr Florence Mutua is a Kenyan veterinarian who is working in the Butula area on the research project with Cate. She has overseen the project from the perspective of a Kenyan from a different region of the country. She is able to advise both Cate and Nick on the appropriate approach to discussion and decision making. Florence has visited the school multiple times per year when she is in the area conducting research work. In this capacity, she is auditing the progress of the program.

Norah Menzies has used her creative energy and drive to fund raise, organize presentations and investigate the potential for using solar cookers instead of wood.

Karen Richardson initiated the donation to the Children of Bukati as a gift to a friend or family member. She is a member of the outreach committee at Stone United Church who has been active in fund raising and provided sound council on important decisions.

Jane Stewart and co-workers at Change Makers in Winnipeg wrote and designed the brochure.

Doug Fitzsimmons has volunteered his time as the Children of Bukati webmaster.


Dr. Cate Dewey, Chairperson of Children of Bukati project:

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