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    Educate all AIDS orphans in Butula, Western Kenya

    • Provide pencils, pens and school uniforms to all AIDS orphans and destitute children in the rural village of Butula in Western Kenya so they can attend the Bukati Primary School. Ensure that girls are being educated, by aiming for approximately equal numbers of girls and boys to go to school.
    • 2010 Update:  All AIDS orphans in the Bukati Primary School catchment area are now attending school. 52% of those supported are girls

    Establish community-led projects to sustain the program

    • Develop school projects that will generate income to enable the community to support their children without outside assistance in six - seven years time.
    • The project started with the purchase of 212 uniforms and the distribution of pencils in July 2006
    • 2010 Update: We now expect the school to be fully sustainable by June 2012.

    Feed the AIDS orphans and destitute children

    • Provide lunch for kindergarten children 5 days a week and for all other children at least 2 days a week. Children who are fed are able to learn. The lunch program will run 3, 4 or 5 days per week as more money is raised.
    • 2010 Update: With the permaculture project, all of the children at Bukati Primary are being fed 5 days per week

    Engage Canadians with this community of Butula, Western Kenya

    • Raise awareness about this community in Canada. Connect Canadians with the people in this community.
    • 2010 Update:  Over 800 individuals and families, many community groups and churches in Canada and the United States, two elementary schools, and two universities, are on-going active participants in this grass roots project.

    Financial Goal

    • $500,000 over a seven year time period.
      • $200 per child per year, which provides lunch, pens, pencils, uniform and a small donation towards a community project

    New Goal (2010)

    • Expand the AIDS education project to a second and third community. 
    • 2011 Update: The project has now been expanded to project #2 (Bwaliro), and #3 (Buduma).

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