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The Children of Bukati project that began in 2006 is now ending.
We are not taking new donations.
The remaining funds in our account will support students at university,
technical schools and high schools.

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Children of Bukati Newsletter. October 2018.

Dear donors and volunteers,

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Children of Bukati. The project was started in 2006 with a goal of helping out one school over a 6-year period. We have supported three schools in the last 12 years and we are now winding down the project and are no longer needing your financial contributions. Your donations have enabled the education of thousands of children, opened doors to knowledge to thousands of girls, and given so many the self-confidence, knowledge, and self-determination to make their lives and those of their families better. Through your generosity, food security has improved as has the health of the children. Conflict in these communities and in families has been reduced due to increased communication and the availability of food. Together we accomplished so much more than provide some uniforms and pencils. I am reminded of the saying 'give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.' This project brought improved farming techniques to the communities, built agro-forestry projects and through the children's education and the workshops at the schools, the families are better able to feed themselves and have reforested their homesteads. Through the sustainability projects, the communities are able to continue the lunch program at school and have adopted the belief that all children have the right to an education.

We are not currently accepting further donations. We along with the local community members will be researching what additional projects they would like to complete to further help towards their self-sufficiency. This may include infrastructure (such as classrooms), increasing the numbers of livestock, and/or supporting additional high-school students. The remaining funds will be distributed based on these decisions. If you have donated through Canada Helps, you will have already received a tax receipt by email. Otherwise, your receipt will be mailed in February 2019. I wish you all the best.

Cate Dewey (www.childrenofbukati.com)

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Updated March 11, 2019