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The Children of Bukati project that began in 2006 is now ending. We are not taking new donations.
The remaining funds in our account will support students at university, technical schools and high schools.

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"Children of Bukati" is a grassroots project made possible by the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of many, many Canadians.

KIDS helping KIDS

There are lots of Canadian KIDS helping Kenyan KIDS.

Click here for photos and stories of Canadian KIDS helping Kenyan KIDS.


To make a donation, click here.


Bracelets that are made by the students at the Bukati school are sold after presentations given by Cate Dewey; during the school year by the veterinary students at the University of Guelph; and by Rev. Doug Sly in Parksville, BC.

If you are interested in how to buy these bracelets, please click here.

Here is a novel way to Participate

Braids, written by Robert Munsch, was donated to eight-year-old Taya Kendall,
who has now published the book,
and is donating all proceeds from the sale of
Braids to the Children of Bukati Project.

Click here for more details about Braids, and how to buy the book.

    Interested in hosting a presentation?

    Dr. Cate has made presentations to many different groups to tell the story of the Bukati School and the project. She or another person who has seen the project firsthand would be pleased to speak to your group. If interested, please contact Dr. Cate at info@childrenofbukati.com.

Would you like to see some clips from one of Dr. Cate Dewey's presentations?

Click here for a short (10 minute) YouTube video
taken from a presentation Dr. Cate Dewey did at the University of Guelph in March, 2008.

Empower Hygiene Kits for Children of Bukati school-girls.

A group of women who live in the VBA - Village by the Arboretum - in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, have formed a Club called the EmPower Sewing Club.

This EmPower Sewing group has been formed to provide feminine hygiene kits for the girls at the Children of Bukati schools. The group plans to provide 300 kits for Cate to take to her schools in the fall of 2016.

"Every girl in the world deserves education, safety, and dignity. We further this goal by helping girls who would otherwise go without, to have access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness."
After this was done at other areas in Africa, the school absence rates dropped from 36% to 8% in Uganda, and 25% to 3% in Kenya.

Above is a photo taken on June 22 2016, of Cate Dewey watching while the volunteers are sewing and assembling the feminine hygiene kits. Our members are dedicated to providing these kits, helping girls to gain access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene,
vital health knowledge, the ability to stay in school and eventually to income-generation opportunities.

To the right is a photo of Dr. Cate Dewey presenting to the members and guests of the Empower Sewing Group on June 22.



Below: In December 2014, Ruth Barden completed a fundraiser
by making Christmas wreaths and arrangements and has donated $425,
which is all the proceeds, to the Children of Bukati project.

Karen Richardson spearheadied a fundraiser through the Clinical Research building group (aka the Pig Palace) at U of Guelph, which ended at the annual potluck turkey dinner.

This fundraiser ran from November 10 - December 12, 2014.
The fundraiser plus a generous donation resulted in
$1,496 being raised and donated.

Every day participants were asked to donate a certain amount: for instance $0.20 for every meal they eat that day or $0.01 for every light bulb in their house.  
CLICK HERE to see the pledge-document.

The Graduate Student Association at the University of Guelph held several fund-raising events to raise money for the Children of Bukati project. 
In December, they made a donation of $618.28, which included money from:

Clothing sales; Bake Sales; Green BBQ and raffle; Mugs; Personal donation from student.


Helping others - Katie Rose (left) president of the Centre Wellington Interact Club presents a $500 cheque to Cate Dewey, involved with Children of Bukati since 2006, and Ron MacKinnon, past president of the Fergus Elora Rotary Club.  photo taken by Mike Robinson.
May, 2014.
FERGUS - A donation of $500 from the Centre Wellington Interact Club will have an international impact.  The donation goes to support Children of Bukati - its mission - to help AIDS orphans go to school - and beyond.
Please Click Here to read the complete article in The Wellington Advertiser.

Ieva VanGeest Mikelsons gives a cheque for $568 to Dr. Cate Dewey on Nov. 4 2012,
to help support the Children of Bukati project.
  Photos were provided by Elm Alyea


Books for the Children of Bukati was a project of Ieva VanGeest Mikelsons and her grandma Sya in collaboration with the Bookshelf, an independent bookstore in downtown Guelph. Ieva explains, “I wanted to get beautiful African picture books, so readily available here, into the hands of children in the Bukati project schools. I grew up with these books and loved them and these children should have the same opportunity. But I also wanted to support bookstores in their own community.”

The Bookshelf was a wonderful partner. They generously provided the books on consignment and donated 20% cash of the sale so books can also be purchased locally in Kenya. The members of Dublin Street United Church showed wonderful support and bought a total of 82 books, which will be carried in suitcases by Dr. Cate Dewey and others going over.

After this photo was taken, Ieva was invited to present her project and books for sale at Stone United Church and 15 more books were bought for Bukati. In total over $750 will be donated in addition to all the books.

Above:  The displays that Ieva put together to help sell the books. 


Dublin United Church donating $10,000 to Dr. Cate Dewey on June 17, 2012, for the Children of Bukati project.

Above: Cate Dewey receiving the cheque.
The people in the photo from left to right are: Anstice Blom (chair of council); Mary Peirson (member of Building Our Future Task Force); Dave Durbin (chair of Building Our Future Task Force); Lynn Anderson and Linda Bissell (members of Building Our Future Task Force); Jan Craig and Michaela Strueder-Kypke (members of Justice and Outreach Committee).

Presenting the cheque to Dr. Cate Dewey is Rev. Bruce Dickson.    (Picture Taken by Lenore Gray)

How did this Donation Happen?
Cate spoke to the Dublin United Church Women a couple of years ago and to the Dublin Justice and Outreach Committee about a year ago. Plus other members, some on U of Guelph staff, knew of her and her work. All of us were very impressed with her dedication and with the project's success and sustainability. So when we had a 3-year major fund-raising campaign that included funds for justice and outreach projects, we thought of the Children of Bukati. It met our criteria for long term, sustainable project that makes a real and on-going difference; strong links to and input from the local community with local field management; respect for the local community; low (very!) overhead; well-monitored. In summary, Beyond Charity! And the Guelph-area link was a bonus. It was after we had decided to donate the $10,000 that we invited Cate to speak in a service so the whole congregation could appreciate the project. This information was provided by Elizabeth Snell, chair of the Justice & Outreach Committee.

Participate in a Cycling Fund-raiser to help COB - Children of Bukati

The following are some pictures from the Centurion Cycling Challenge that happened on July 13 and 14, 2012.
Some riders rode 25km and others 100km and raised $1,120 for COB.

A fundraising event for COB
COB board member Natalie Carter sits at the promotional booth
David Kelton in the starting corral for the 100km ride
David Kelton at the end of riding 100km

Above: Dr. Cate Dewey receives a cheque for $20,000 from Rev. Paul Ivany, of Norval United Church in 2009.
Click here to see how that money was spent for life-sustaining land.

The efforts of these people are making a difference in the lives of the children in Butula.

What have they done?

  • Karen, a veterinary student, and all of her housemates held a 2-day garage sale.
  • Kate, a six year old, made booklets and sold them to the neighbours
  • Norah and Ed hosted a services auction
  • Sir Isaac Brock Public School had a used toy sale, writes pen pal letters and hosts school presentations
  • Cheryl and Randy kissed a live pig
  • The Unitarian Congregation of Guelph made and sold soup
  • The graduate students of Population Medicine, University of Guelph made and sold lunch, held a bake sale and held a gift basket auction
  • The University of Guelph, International Veterinary Students association sold bracelets and hosted a noon hour presentation
  • The Men's group of Knox and St. Stephens United Churches in Parksville and Qualicum Beach, BC hosted a pancake breakfast with a presentation
  • The University Women and the Knox United Church library committee hosted a coffee and presentation
  • The outreach committee of Stone United Church has annual bulb and perennial plant sale and BBQ lunch
  • The Erin United Church raised money and prepared 200 sewing kits for the women in Butula
  • The Parkminster United Church in Waterloo included a presentation about the project in their Living Our Faith speaker series
  • Rockwood, Stone, St Stephens and Erin United Churches, Harriston Mennonite Church and Unitarian Congregation of Guelph have all enabled Cate Dewey to speak during Sunday worship.

Encourage your local media to interview Cate Dewey, to include an editorial in a newspaper, or interview Cate on radio or television. So far, the story has been told on CBC's Sounds Like Canada (Sept. 3, 2007), on local Kitchener television news and in print in the Guelph Tribune, Nanaimo Daily News and At Guelph.

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