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"Children of Bukati" is a grassroots project made possible by the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of many, many Canadians. This includes Children; i.e. KIDS helping KIDS.

Above: Pupils at Sir Isaac Brock Public School in Guelph raise substantial money each year by selling used toys to one another in December

The following is a note from Dr. Cate Dewey

Canadian children continually amaze me with their passion, creativity and success in raising funds for the Kenyan children. Sir Isaac Brock Public School in Guelph (SIB) has adopted the Children of Bukati (COB) and raised money in many, many ways. Mrs. Van, the principal of SIB has enabled so many more projects at the school. Each December, the whole school participates in a used-toy sale that raises hundreds or thousands of dollars. This project is led by the on-going enthusiasm and passion of Julie Young and Ryan Lockie and the rest of the staff. The SIB students have sold bracelets made by the Kenyan children, written pen-pal letters, studied Kenyan culture, and illustrated and launched Braids. Many SIB students have initiated their own fund raising projects. Lilly raised $603 by selling cookies, icecream and a raffle tickets for a new toy. The next year, she raffled a professional soccer jersey and donated her birthday money. Tyler, Adam and Tyler shoveled snow; Nathan, Alyssa, Josee, Tesha, Mauhtab, Riley, Ella, Halle, Cameron, Jackson, Cole, and Adrianna donated money at a back to school party. Taya Kendall and her family started a school newspaper and published Braids, a book written by Robert Munsch.

Children in other communities have individually or collectively helped COB. Adam and Alex gave up the opportunity to buy a horse and instead donated money from their own bank accounts for livestock at the school, Jason and Avi donated their birthday money; Alex raised $147 by selling jugs of lemonade, one glass at a time, and 6 year old Katie made booklets and sold them door to door, earning $53 in coins.

Groups of children from Rockwood, Stone, and Norval United and Hawksville Mennonite churches raised money to buy livestock for the school in Kenya to sustain the project for years to come. Many children give their teachers Christmas and end of year 'gifts' by donating to COB. Teachers relate to this way of helping other teachers and students across the globe.

These are just some examples of how children have helped COB. Canadian children really are amazing.
We are lucky - they are our future!

The following are examples of KIDS helping KIDS.

Above: Taya Kendall began raising money for COB - Children of Bukati - by creating and editing a school newspaper at Sir Isaac Brock Public School. Robert Munsch donated an unpublished story to her called Braids. The students at Sir Isaac Brock illustrated the book and funds from COB paid to print the book. Proceeds from the sale of Braids go directly to COB.
Click here for more information, or to buy the book.

Above: 3 students from Sir Isaac Brock Public School who worked hard on the used toy sale in 2008. Lilly, the girl on the right, also raffled off a professional soccer sweater.

Below are 2 letters that were hand-delivered to Cate along with money for the Children of Bukati.
Below each of the letters, is the "kid" who chose to help.


Above: Alex MacPhail and Cate Dewey.
Alex raised money by selling lemonade.

Above: When Lilly from Sir Isaac Brock Public School was in grade 4, she wrote a proposal to Mrs. Van, the principal, asking if she could do an extra fundraiser. She bought a new toy, sold raffle tickets for the toy plus cookies and ice-cream sandwiches donated by Zehrs to raise $603 for the Children of Bukati.

Above: Norval United Church children saved and donated enough money to buy Norval the cow.

Above: Katie, Ryleigh, Camryn and their Mom, Alison Fraser, had a Teddy Bear Picnic.


To make a donation, click here.


Bracelets that are made by the students at the Bukati school are sold after presentations given by Cate Dewey; during the school year by the veterinary students at the University of Guelph; and by Rev. Doug Sly in Parksville, BC.

If you are interested in how to buy these bracelets, please click here.

Here is a novel way to Participate

Braids, written by Robert Munsch, was donated to eight-year-old Taya Kendall,
who has now published the book,
and is donating all proceeds from the sale of
Braids to the Children of Bukati Project.

Click here for more details about Braids, and how to buy the book.

    Interested in hosting a presentation?
    Dr. Cate has made presentations to many different groups to tell the story of the Bukati School and the project. She or another person who has seen the project firsthand would be pleased to speak to your group. If interested, please contact Dr. Cate at

Would you like to see some clips from one of Dr. Cate Dewey's presentations?

Click here for a short (10 minute) YouTube video
taken from a presentation Dr. Cate Dewey did at the University of Guelph in March, 2008.

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