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One of the Bukati-Project Goals is:

Educate all AIDS orphans in Butula, Western Kenya

A well-rounded student has education, music; arts; sports; and play-time.
Here are some photos of the students singing, "beading", drawing, and playing.

Above: Cate surrounded by some of the more than 500 orphans who are supported by the children of Bukati project

Above: Kindergarten children singing songs for the Canadian visitors

Above: Students saying a poem and singing songs for the Canadian visitors

Above: The class brought forward the best girl dancer to dance for Dr. Cate Dewey.

Above: The class brought forward the best boy dancer to dance for Dr. Cate Dewey. Note that this is also the captain of the soccer team, and is pictured below on this page, wearing the yellow Guelph uniform and red socks.

Above: This grade 8 class does a play about the Aids orphan trying to find a home. Click here for the play.

Above: This grade 2 class is doing a poem about Aids.
Click here for the poem.

Above: Playing after lunch

Above: Children playing with Peter Dewey

Above: Grade 6 girls getting their picture taken. Notice the newly painted school and the metal shutters on the widows. These were part of the school improvement paid for by the government grant

Above: School yard after lunch. The children play games of soccer and monkey in the middle.

Above: Two young children play basketball as the dusk begins to settle.

Above: Young boy who changed out of his school uniform for after-school play


Above: Grade 7 and 8 soccer-players, wearing uniforms donated by the Guelph Soccer Club.

For games, one team wears red, and the other team yellow; they told Cate that the uniforms help them to feel better about themselves, and therefore play better.

Above: Parts on the uniforms at the left, enlarged, to show the Guelph, Ontario Soccer club emblems. Thanks go to Francisco DeGrau, and all the team members who donated them.
Thanks also go to the Hillsburgh Soccer Club, for uniforms donated in 2006.

Above: Young boy with a handmade soccer ball. The ball is made from tying string tightly around a ball of used plastic bags

Above: Mike Levy sitting with Rodger, who is a grade 2 pupil severely affected by epilepsy. He receives a lot of attention from the teachers who watch him carefully for signs of the onset of an epileptic seizure

Above: A few children were sitting on a ladder watching the older boys play soccer. When they saw Cate with the camera, many other children decided to join them. Dr Cate Dewey finally left for fear the ladder would break

Above: A student at Bukati school, with his drawing titled "Our School"..
At the right is his drawing. The printing at the top and side says Victor; 14 years old, in class (grade) 7.

Above: A student drawing titled "Violence as a result of drunkeness and poverty". Kennedy; 15 years old, standard 6.

Above: A student drawing titled "Discriminating the infected people". Pascal; 14 years old, standard 6.

Above: A student drawing titled "Miseries brought about by HIV/AIDS". Mediatrix; 14 years old, standard 6.

Above: A student drawing titled "Rape as a result of dropping out of school". Juliet; 13 years old, standard 6.

Above: A student drawing titled "After dropping out of school, what next?" Cleophas; 13 years old, standard 6.

Above: A student drawing titled "Our School".
The printing says Mercyline; 13 years old.
This photo shows the hope provided by the school.

Above: The "girls club" meets every other week. Pamela, the head teacher and guidance councilor discusses problems pertinent to being a girl and growing to a woman in this culture. The girls started the meeting with prayers and songs

Above: The beading club meets each day after lunch. Each girl makes 5 bracelets a day, while the beads are available. Mary, the teacher who mentors these girls says that it is a lovely time for the girls to visit together. The girls are in grades 5 to 7.

Above: Beading club busy making bracelets for sale in North America.
Canadians worked with the children. (Peter on the left, and Cate on the right)

Above: Canadians (Lindsay and Kristy)
worked with the Beading Club.

Above: Jared Wohlgemut helping the students with book marks that they were drawing for North Americans

Above:  Every student got one pencil.

Above: Sharpening the new pencil.

Above: Kindergarten student thinking.



 Above: Happy students.

Above: The grandchildren of the school's cook live with the cook and stay in the school grounds in the evening.

Above and Below: Playing with children who live with the cook at the school. Cate took pictures of the children and then showed them their images on my digital camera and then got them to pose again.

Above: More photos of the grandchildren of the school's cook.

Above: One day in the field the group was left with 9 people and one van. Mike Levy and Cate stayed at the school waiting for another van to pick them up to take back to Busia. While waiting, Cate took photos of the children (see note above) while Mike took videos of the school projects. Once it became too dark to photograph anything they packed up their bags and were still surrounded by these little children. Mike started drumming on his water bottle. Then this little girl brought the yellow container over from the kitchen area, knelt down and began to play the most marvelous music.

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