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One of the Bukati-Project Goals is:

  • Educate all AIDS orphans in Butula, Western Kenya

The photos on this page show that this goal is progressing very nicely.

The Children of Bukati project has added over 300 students to the school. This has made it fairly crowded, which has caused the Government of Kenya to add 2 new classrooms, desks, and teachers' offices. This shows how your donations have enabled the school (and the students) to leap forward.

Page 3 - Photos of the children at school; taken in June 2008, during Cate Dewey's trip to Kenya

Above and Below: New School Buildings

The Kenyan government identified areas of the country that were particularly poor and within those areas identified elementary schools where the physical facilities were too small for the number of children. Those schools were asked to submit a building proposal to the government. The school established a School Improvement Committee to write the proposal and to evaluate tenders for the project. They received 1.4 million Kenya shillings. This money was used to build 2 new classrooms (grades 7 and 8), convert the old grade 8 class to a teacher's work room, new office, new outhouses, new desks so the children did not have to spend the day on the floor, replace the dirt floors of the classrooms with cement, and paint the outside of the school.

Above: the new grade 7 and 8 are on the left, the new office is in the centre (the part of the building that sticks out) and to the right of the new office is the teachers's room. These were built with a government grant. The grant was available to the school because of the level of poverty in the area and the new enrollment meant that the number of students had outgrown the physical facilities. This shows how your donations have enabled the school to leap forward.

Above: New teacher's room was made by converting the old grade 8 classroom. From left to right: Mary who mentors the girls who make the beaded bracelets, Christopher who teaches grade 6 and George who teaches grade 4. There are also three young teachers, just out of teachers college, who volunteer their time until they can get permanent job.

Above: George the grade 4 teacher was marking student's work outside under a tree last year. Now he has the teacher's room and a desk on which to work.



Above: Building new desks for the expanding student numbers.

The school guard closes up the school at the end of the school day by locking the shutters and the doors.

Cate Dewey and Principal Nick Obiero addressing the pupils

Above: Beautification project - flowering bushes along the driveway

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