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One of the Bukati-Project Goals is Sustainability:

Develop school projects that will generate income to enable the community to support their children without outside assistance in 6-7 years time.

The photos on this page show that this goal is progressing very nicely.

Above: School property being prepared for a kale garden

Above: Kale garden ready for harvest

Above: Volunteers working in the tree nursery.
They have planted about 25% Eucalyptus trees, which are very fast growers, and will be used/sold for firewood; 25% avacado and Mango trees, which will be used/sold for their fruit; 50% softwood trees, which will eventually be sold to be used for lumber and building materials.


Above: Volunteers working in the tree nursery

Above: Sows in the pig barn; part of the sustainability project.

Above: Sows are tethered to the bushes in the evening so they can each get their fair share of the food.
The piglets from two litters run together.

Above: Pupils volunteer to help to look after the pigs

Above: Cate treating the school's sows for internal and external parasites

Above: Cate treating a school pig for mange and lice.

Above: Cate treating the school's cow for East-Coast fever, a tick-borne disease.

Above: Christopher the grade 6 teacher and a kindergarten pupil sit next to the water tank that stores water collected from the eaves trough.

Above: Pig pen is located under a mango tree next to the teacher's out houses

Above: Sustainability project is expanded to include a dairy cow. She was purchased with money made by the corn grist mill

Above: A pregnant ewe has joined the school as part of the sustainability program. She eats the long grass in the school yard.

Above: Breeding stock chickens being used to replace the hen population

Above: Chickens eating the ground corn from the floor of the mill. These chicks will be the hens to replace those that became too old to lay eggs.

Above: Man hired by the school to run the grist mill - grinding the lady's corn.

Above: Lady getting her ground food from the mill

Above: Woman from the community paying to have her corn, cassava and millet ground at the school's grist mill

Above: Man hired by the school to run the grist mill - grinding the lady's cassava and millet

Above: The school has rented 5 acres of land for a 6 year period.
The corn growing here will be harvested in July 2008 to supplement the lunch program.
Update: The new community decision is that the the children in kindergarten,
grades 1 and 2 will be fed 5 days a week beginning in September 2008.
This will be possible because of these 5 acres of maize being grown by the school.

Above: Collecting water from the well that was repaired by COB in 2007

BELOW: Meet the Teachers and Parents.

Above: The Teachers at Bukati School.

Above: Augustine, the Vice-Principal.

Above: Pamela and Lindsay.
Pamela is the head-teacher, and guidance councillor for the girls' club. Note the large Canadian flag; it was donated by Cate a few years ago, and was recently hung by the teachers, in their new Teacher's Room.

Above: Volunteer parents in the parent-teacher council. The parents elect a parent-representative for each grade, so that there is one parent representing all grade 3 students, for example.
The man in the blue-red shirt, 3'rd from the left, was elected as the Chairperson of the parent-teacher council.
The woman in the white top, 5'th from the left, was elected treasurer of the parent-teacher council.
In order to withdraw funding that is transferred to the school from the Children of Bukati project, these two parent-teacher representatives, along with the principal, must all be present at the bank. This funding is transferred three times / year, and is used to pay for food and uniforms for the next term.

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