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When we look over the Photo Galleries from year to year, we see some of the same children, growing up.

The earlier photo of the student is on the left. The August 2009 photo of the same student is on the right.

Above: July 2008: Mike Levy sitting with Rodger, who is a grade 2 pupil severely affected by epilepsy. He receives a lot of attention from the teachers who watch him carefully for signs of the onset of an epileptic seizure.
Originally shown on: Photo Gallery Page 6

Above: Cate Dewey talking with Rodger in August 2009.
Note that Rodger's face is covered in sores that are now healing; the sores were a result of an epileptic seizure.


Above: Happy Faces on the children; Summer, 2007.
This photo of Lucy and Felisias was originally shown on: Photo Gallery Page 1, and is now also included in the Braids book.

Recognize the girl on the right? She's Felisias, our "logo-girl" - the girl who is on the top-right of every Children of Bukati web-page.

Above: The same two smiling faces in August 2009:
Lucy and Felisias.

Above: Recognize this boy with the mug? He's our "logo-boy" - the boy who is on the top-left of every Children of Bukati web-page. This photo was taken in 2007.

Above: And here is the same boy, in August 2009.

Above: Originally shown in 2008, on: Photo Gallery Page 5.
She is also in the Nov. 2008 Newsletter.

Above: Cecilia in August 2009.
Cecilia is not wearing her uniform (even though others are) because the photo was taken on a Saturday.

Above: Cate with Harron; photo from 2008.

Other photos of Harron: Dr. Cate Dewey is touching the shoulders of Harron in the group photo
at the very top of Photo Gallery Page 6.

Harron is also the middle boy in the Dec 2006 newsletter.

Above: Here is Cate with Harron in August 2009.

Above: This is one of several photos at the bottom of the page, located at Photo Gallery Page 6.
This photo was taken in 2008; these children are the School cook's grandchildren.

Above: Cook's Grand-daughter, in August 2009.
On the left photo, she is the smiling child at the far-right.
She is now in kindergarten.

Above: This is from the right side of the page,
located at Photo Gallery Page 6. Photo was taken in 2008.

Above: This is the same boy in August 2009.

This is one of several photos located at Photo Gallery Page 1
Although this specific photo isn't on that page, you will find a 2007 photo of this girl on that page. It's with 6 photos, titled "Students eating their porridge".
Tip: in the photo immediately to the right of her 2007 photo, you'll also see another photo of "logo-boy".

And here is the same girl, in August 2009.

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