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One of the Bukati-Project Goals is:

Educate all AIDS orphans in Butula, Western Kenya

  • Provide pencils, pens and school uniforms to all AIDS orphans and destitute children in the rural village of Butula in Western Kenya so they can attend the Bukati Primary School. Ensure that girls are being educated, by aiming for approximately equal numbers of girls and boys to go to school.
  • 2010 Update:  All AIDS orphans in the Bukati Primary School catchment area are now attending school. 52% of those supported are girls.

    The good news is - all the Aids orphans in the area are now attending Bukati Primary School. In fact, that is very good news.
    The only bad news is - the school is overflowing again, so that some indoor classes, for youngers students, are packed, and some classes must be held outdoors to accomodate all the students. 

    Since the Bukati project was started in 2006, and because of the support provided by the Bukati project, the 150 Aids students attending Bukati in 2006 have grown to over 750 Aids students and destitute students in 2010.  That's a 400% growth in only 4 years.  The overall school population has grown as well, to over 1200 students in 2010.  In 2008, the Kenyan government, along with local support, added classrooms, as have volunteers from the University of Guelph in 2009, but the physical classroom growth has lagged the student population growth. 

    The following is an excerpt from Cate Dewey's email, dated May 12 2010.

    We are supporting about 750 orphans in primary school plus the 8 high school students. The numbers continue to rise. There are 180 kindergarten children and at least 120 children in each grade up to 5. The older classes have 70 to 100 pupils. There is a need for more classrooms because 3 of the current classes meet outside.


Above: Bukati school-children in an indoor classroom.

Above: Class participation

Above: Great classrooms props on the wall.

Above:  The dreaded end-term exam schedule.

Above:  Attentive students

Above:  Cate talking to older students in the outdoor class.

Above: Looking at the camera

Above: Watching the teacher

The older children are the grade 8 class - all of whom are working hard to be the top of their class, hoping for an opportunity to be sponsored to go to high school.

Above: Cate with some older students
Above:  Kathleen, a veterinary student from Quebec with some older students.
Above:  Grade 8 students in the classroom.
Above:  Overcrowding indoors has forced classrooms to be held outdoors.

Above:  Outdoor class in session.

Notice a familiar face?  The boy second from the right, in the first row, is Harron (above the LATIF print).
Click here and then scroll down, to see Harron in previous years.

Above:  Outdoor class in session.

Notice Harron?  He is in the front row, (above the 2009 print), looking down.
He is in a classroom outside because there are so many children, there are not enought classrooms.
Click here and then scroll down, to see Harron in previous years.

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