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One of the Bukati-Project Goals is:

Feed the AIDS orphans and destitute children:
Provide lunch for kindergarten children 5 days a week and for all other children at least 2 days a week. Children who are fed are able to learn. The lunch program will run 3, 4 or 5 days per week as more money is raised.

Update: Bukati school has made a HUGE leap forward on feeding the children. Last year, Grades 3 to 8 were fed only 3 - 4 times a week. This year, all 8 grades, and Kindergarten now are being fed 5 days a week. This is due to several factors, but a major factor is the Permaculture project, that enables them to grow all the school vegetables, all the corn (maize), and some of the beans they use. This is being made possible by the teachers as well as the students. Every student must help out in the fields, and that enables every student to now be fed. Every student in grade 6 and above helps out by working in the gardens about 9 hours / week. The younger students assist by weeding and harvesting. The students are getting a great education while they do this; not only a scholastic education, but an education in farming and permaculture - which for some, will be put to good use after they graduate from school.

The school has sold piglets, rice, milk and eggs and receives a daily income from the corn grist mill.

Above: Bukati school-children lining up for lunch

Above: Young children eating

Above: Grade 8 students preparing the food.

Above: Grade 8 student

Above:  The pot of beans.

Above:  The cook, talking with Cate Dewey

Above: The School cook cooks the food on a fire, using wood that has been collected and brought in by the students.

Above: Firewood collected by the students.

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