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One of the Bukati-Project Goals is:

Educate all AIDS orphans in Butula, Western Kenya

  • Provide pencils, pens and school uniforms to all AIDS orphans and destitute children in the rural village of Butula in Western Kenya so they can attend the Bukati Primary School.

    Ensure that girls are being educated, by aiming for approximately equal numbers of girls and boys to go to school. Currently 52% of the new AIDS orphans in the program are girls.

For the previous 2 years of graduate photos, please click on
Photo Gallery 2008; Graduating to High School.
and Photo Gallery 2009; Graduating to High School.
These pages also includes details about high-school costs, and funding.

NONE of the high-school students here are being funded by the general Bukati Project funds.   Each child is funded by an individual family or person who specifically wanted to see a student with outstanding academic achievement graduate from high school. All of these children graduated at the top of their classes based on the standard national examinations. Julianna comes from a destitute family, but the others are all AIDS orphans. Belinda, Francis and Mercylus are each sponsored by a separate group of people. The other children have either an individual or a family as their sponsors.

Please note - If you choose to fund a student entering high-school, to be fair to the student, you must commit to fund that student for the full 4 years of high-school, @ $1,000/year.
The school term runs from January 1 to December 31; there are one-month breaks for April; August; December.

We have been buying each of the children a calculator, pens, pencils,  and notepaper.  This year, we bought a set of books with practice tests and exams to help them to prepare for their exams. The students need one book for each subject in each grade. The books will belong to the Bukati Primary School so that as the children move from one grade to the next, the books will be passed to the younger students.

Note: For the Dec. 2010 graduating class, we have a sponsor for the girl, but NOT yet for the boy student.



Below: Anjeline, Evans, and Stella are the most recent Bukati graduates.

They graduated from Bukati School in Dec. 2009.
They are currently in Grade 9.

Above: Anjeline in May 2010.
Above: Evans in May 2010.
Above: Stella in May 2010.

Below, Belinda and Francis graduated from Bukati School in Dec. 2008.
They are currently in Grade 10.

Above: Belinda in May 2010.

Above: Francis in May 2010.


Below, Juliana, Sole, and Denis graduated from Bukati School in Dec. 2007.
They are currently in Grade 11.

Above: Juliana in May 2010.

Above: Denis in May 2010.

Above:  Mercylus Sole in May 2010.

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