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One of the Goals for all three schools, is:

  • To introduce a permaculture programme at the school; such a project would ensure sustainability in the community. 

    This would include growing trees, maize, beans, rice and vegetables. We could also include some livestock in the project as well (perhaps dairy cows, sheep, chickens, sows)

Buduma Primary School

Buduma Primary School is located in the town of Buduma, and is 20 km away from the Bukati Primary school in the opposite direction from the Bwaliro Primary School. Funding started in 2011.

Buduma Primary School is the third school that is being helped by the Children of Bukati project.
Buduma School was given a permaculture project that Michael Nickels, the permaculture specialist, has now implemented (in 2012).
That project was made possible in part by COB (Children of Bukati) and also with money that Michael Nickels raised on his own.

The following videos were taken in November 2011 by Dr. Cate Dewey,
at the start of the permaculture project at Buduma Primary School.



Above: A 360° view of the schoolyard at Buduma Primary School.
The video starts with the permaculture fields, and then scans around the schoolyard. 


Above: Buduma Primary School Students sifting dirt;  bagging seeds for planting;  and digging a hole for planting.


Above: Buduma Primary School Students tilling the ground and planting seeds, as the start of the permaculture project.



Above: Buduma students digging a large hole for a fish pond. Notice the sand bags on the bank, in order to keep the sides secure.

This large fish pond will enable the students to raise fish to later harvest. 
This is all part of their permaculture and sustainability goal. 


Above: Buduma students digging a hole for a small water pond.
. This small hole was being used to store water for watering the tree nursery.

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