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One of the Bukati-Project Goals is:

Establish community-led projects to sustain the program

The following are some photos showing the greenhouse being built at Bukati School. 
This will assist them to become self-sufficient, and enable the sustainability of the program. 

The barn / greenhouse was constructed during the summer of 2010, with the help of some students and staff from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  The Tumaini group from the University of Guelph, Canada, raised the funds for the barn, and assisted in the building of it.
(For more information on the Tumaini group, click here.)

James VanderBerg, Campus Minister at the University of Guelph, Canada, designed the green house, based on a local design already in use in Eldoret, Kenya.  The design was changed slightly to accommodate the warmer temperature and differing humidity levels. Most of the redesign involved the venting system.

The material for the green house and poultry barn were sourced locally, in Nairobi, with the exception of the greenhouse plastic and venting materials. All the wood and other building supplies came from Butula.  Once built, the staff were taught how to use a green house. The photos show Jamie's children working on the green house. The Tumaini group from U of G raised the money to purchase the materials to build the green house and clearly worked along side local experts to construct the green house. Further, the green house is likely one of the most profitable parts of the school, because it is used to grow tomatoes and they command a good price in the community.



Above: The Finished Greenhouse, being put to use.

A student explaining the greenhouse project to the parents and towns-people,
during a Bukati-Open-House in May 2011.


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Updated December 5, 2011