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Two of the Bukati-Project Goals are:

Educate all AIDS orphans in Butula, Western Kenya

Establish community-led projects to sustain the program


James VanderBerg and some University of Guelph students went to Bukati School in May 2010, to do an audit of the project, and see how the teachers, the students, and the parents view it. They held focus groups with the parents, expecting to get about 60 parents out; instead, the turnout was more like about 200 parents. Ultimately, there were 6 discussion groups – 3 in English, lead by Jamie and 3 in Kiswahili lead by Dr. Florence Mutua, an associate of Dr. Cate Dewey. The Guelph students also gathered information from the high school students, staff, community leaders and the Board of Education. Note that the Children of Bukati Charity did not pay for any travel expenses for the Guelph University students; their travel expenses were paid by themselves. We were very fortunate to have this talented group of graduate students, many of whom did undergraduate degrees in International Development and were experts in the evaluation process.

The following are some photos from a student field-day, where races were held, as well as an Open-House day for the parents and townspeople, where the students showed off their newly-acquired permaculture skills to the parents, and also to the nearby farmers who were also interested in the new methods

This Open-House day helps to fulfil both goals, by providing feedback to the community, on the results.  Surprisingly, they got a lot of interest in the permaculture side of things from local residents and farmers. James VanderBerg said some of the permaculture ideas were starting to spread through the local farms. 

Above:  The Guelph University students preparing to arrive in Kenya.
Above:  Students watching the races.
Above:  The student races.

Above: Is the open house day - at Bukati primary school. 
The students are telling the parents how the green house works and what they have been growing in there. it is newly seeded.


Below are photos of the students doing artwork, in preparation for the field day.  The younger grades (standard 1 through 4) were asked to draw all the things that they loved about Bukati and then their drawings were posted in a classroom on the day of the field day for their parents to look at.

Above: The students display their work.
Above: Like mothers everywhere, she's looking for her child's drawing.
Above: The greenhouse.
Above: This is the tree farm on the school property, where the students are showing the parents and conducting workshops on seed saving and tree transplanting.

Above: Silas showing off the laying hens. Silas is a hired worker at the school who takes care of the livestock (sheep, cows, and chickens).
He is showing the new poultry barn that was built in the summer of 2010, when another group of University of Guelph students went there. 

Above:  Parents checking out the Dairy Barn.
Above: Students enjoying the day.
Above: Parents checking out the classes.
Above and below: Teacher explaining about permaculture practices and composting
Above: Silas talking about the poultry. 
Above:  Seedlings growing in the greenhouse.
Above: A student explaining the greenhouse project to the parents.
Above: Outside the greenhouse
Above: a compost pile, where the students explain the best combination for the compost.
Above:  University of Guelph students eating lunch with the principal, chief, teachers of Bukati and the principal of Bwaliro.
Above: - the Guelph students with the teaching staff of Bukati.


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