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Two of the Bukati-Project Goals are:

  • Educate all AIDS orphans in Butula, Western Kenya
  • Establish community-led projects to sustain the program

Since the Bukati project is becoming more self-sustaining,
we have expanded the reach of the Bukati project to a nearby school - Bwaliro Primary School.

The principal of this school is Mr. Augustine Wasike, who was the vice-principal of the Bukati Primary school a few years ago, before moving to Bwaliro Primary School, and is in a town about 20 Km. from Butula, the town where Bukati Primary School is located. 

After 2 years of involvement at Bwaliro Primary School, many different permaculture projects are flourishing, and will likely be further developed throughout the rest of this summer. A greenhouse was constructed in May 2011 and the tomatoes that are harvested are sold in the community. These sales generate funds to contribute to an ongoing lunch program 3 times per week for orphans and vulnerable children at the school. Other permaculture initiatives include growing and selling tree seedlings, bananas and banana suckers, sweet potatoes, napier grass, cassava, local vegetables, rice and millet.


Above:  Cameron, from Guelph, in the NEW greenhouse that was built in May 2011 at the Bwaliro school.

Above: A view of the Bwaliro greenhouse, and some of the trees and cassava planted on the school compound
Above: Evans, one of the teachers at the school who is involved with permaculture, and 2 students planting the tree seedlings in plastic tubes
Above: Some of the students watering the tomato plants in the greenhouse
Above: Augustine, the school's head teacher, displaying an uprooted cassava plant
Above: The school's nicely growing eucalyptus trees
(part of their agro-forestry initiative)
Above: Millicent, a member of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) demonstrating to other members of the PAC
(and to Kiera, a U of G student) how to dig up sweet potato plants
Above: Some members of the Project Advisory Committee on a school tour (during one of the strategic planning workshops in May, 2012). 
They are looking at a plot of napier grass
Above: A plot of local vegetables being grown beside the school kitchen.
Above:  More Napier grass and trees being grown.
Above:  The teachers demonstrating thegreenhouse.

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