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One of the Goals for all three schools, is:

  • To introduce a permaculture programme at the school; such a project would ensure sustainability in the community. 

    This would include growing trees, maize, beans, rice and vegetables. We could also include some livestock in the project as well (perhaps dairy cows, sheep, chickens, sows)

Buduma Primary School

Buduma Primary School is located in the town of Buduma, and is 20 km away from the Bukati Primary school in the opposite direction from the Bwaliro Primary School. Funding started in 2011.

Buduma Primary School is the third school that is being helped by the Children of Bukati project.
Buduma School was given a permaculture project that Michael Nickels, the permaculture specialist, has now implemented (in 2012).
That project was made possible in part by COB and also with money that Michael Nickels raised on his own.
The crops and livestock at Buduma are doing very well.

The following photos and commentary are the first we have done for Buduma Primary School.  The photos were taken in August 2012 by Natalie Carter, from the University of Guelph; Guelph, Ontario. 
Click here
for more information about Natalie Carter's work to help build a school-library in Kenya.
Click here for more information about Natalie Carter's other work in Kenya - "Pigs in Kenya- Miracle Workers ".

Above:  The classroom at Buduma Primary School
Above:  A closer-view of the classroom
Above: The inside-view of the classroom.
Above: Head Permaculture teacher Stephen Opango
Above: Rice field harvested a few days earlier.
Above:  Carrots growing
Above: Cassava growing.
Above:  The Fish Pond
Above: Runoff water storage pond for watering tree nursery
Above: Stephen Opango, head permaculture teacher outside a classroom
Above: Kale growing.
Above: Maize (corn) growing.
Above: Inside the classroom. 
From left to right: Buduma students; Kiera H, University of Guelph student;
Mr. Stephen Opango Buduma head permaculture teacher; Mr. Augustine Wasike Bwaliro headteacher

Above:  The Permaculture team outside the greenhouse.
Above: Permaculture Students.
Above: More students.
Above:  Students weeding in the greenhouse.
Above: Students working in tree nursery
Above: Yams growing.


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Updated December 19, 2012