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One of the main Bukati-Project Goals is:

Educate all AIDS orphans in Butula, Western Kenya

  • Provide pencils, pens and school uniforms to all AIDS orphans and destitute children in the rural village of Butula in Western Kenya so they can attend the Bukati Primary School. Ensure that girls are being educated, by aiming for approximately equal numbers of girls and boys to go to school.
  • 2010 Update:  All AIDS orphans in the Bukati Primary School catchment area are now attending school. 52% of those supported are girls

Establish community-led projects to sustain the program


Above: New sign at Bukati Primary School.
Above: The tree nursery at Bukati Primary School
Above: Fuel efficient stove at Bukati Primary School
Above: Land at Bukati Primary School - new crops coming up
Above: The empty fishpond following the harvest of fish at Bukati Primary School
Seedlings at the tree nursery at Bukati Primary School - will be ready to plant at the end of July
Banana trees at Bukati Primary School.
Helping in the kitchen at Bukati Primary School.
Bags of beans and rice seeds at Bukati Primary
The greenhouse at Bukati Primary School
U of Guelph students touring the greenhouse at Bukati Primary school
Young boys at Bukati Primary School.
Pottery class at Bukati Primary School
Students at Bukati Primary.
Games time at Bukati Primary
Children at Bukati Primary.
A suprised boy at Bukati Primary
U of Guelph students having tea with the headteacher at Bukati Primary
A happy student
Tomatoes growing in the greenhouse at Bukati Primary School.
The tree nursery at Bukati Primary School.

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