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Bwaliro Permaculture Program; Open House.

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One of the Goals* at Bwaliro Primary School is:

  • To introduce a permaculture programme at the school; such a project would ensure sustainability in the community. 

    This would include growing trees, maize, beans, rice and vegetables. We could also include some livestock in the project as well (perhaps dairy cows, sheep, chickens, sows)

(* To see all the goals set out for Bwaliro Primary School, please click here to read the contract)

Above:  A child from Early Childhood Development class (kindergarten) getting water from the well at Bwaliiro Primary.  (everyone helps out).

Above: Parents and community members paying close attention at the Bwaliro Field Day
as students and teachers lecture about permaculture projects at the school

For videos of this day, please click here.

Above: Students planting a banana tree.
Above:  Bwaliro Field Day - Parents learning about permaculture.

Above: Children teaching the community about permaculture at Bwaliro Field Day

Above and Below:  Students weeding in their gardens. 
The students share in the work, and then reap the benefits with the lunch program.


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