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One of the Bukati-Project Goals is:

Educate all AIDS orphans in Butula, Western Kenya

Since the Bukati project is becoming more self-sustaining, we have expanded the reach of the Bukati project to a nearby school.

The principal of this school is Mr. Augustine Wasike, who was the vice-principal of the Bukati Primary school a few years ago, before moving to this school, which is called Bwaliro Primary School, and is in a town about 20 Km. from Butula, the town where Bukati Primary School is located. 

A permaculture project was established in 2010, and is now reaping rewards.


Following are videos of a school assembly and Open House that were taken in August of 2012, at Bwaliro Primary School.

They include students and teachers showing off their new crops,
and interviews with three of the parents about the value of the permaculture project.
These four videos are now available on Youtube.   (search for "Children of Bukati", and Bwaliro)


Above: Students and Teachers explaining the Permaculture project to the parents at the Open House.


Above: During the School Assembly, the girls showed off their dancing
for the benefit of the other students, teachers, and parents.


Above: During the Bwalrio School Assembly, the boys showed off their dancing and then the boys did a skit;
then the girls showed off their dancing and the girls did a skit.
All of this was done for the benefit of the other students, teachers, and parents.


Above: Interviews with three parents, regarding the Permaculture project happening at the School.
Kiera Hoekstra, an International Development student at U of Guelph, Ontario, does the interviewing.

For the interviews most are parents but Asha (the lady in purple) is a teacher at the school.
John (the first one interviewed) is on the Project Advisory Committee,
and Alfred acted as facilitator during the strategic planning for the projects.

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