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The following photos were taken from May 2011 to August 2011 by Natalie Carter, Kiera Hoekstra and L.J. Weber.

The photos are from around the communities of Bwaliro and Bukati.

The photos are not showing the work done by the Children of Bukati project,
but instead show the communities where these schools are located.

Because we have so many photos, we have created 2 webpages for them.
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Above: Field of Sorghum.
Above:  The same message is being spread everywhere. 
Above:  A man named Simplisio, and his beehives
Above: A cattle skin drying in the sun.  It will be used like a tarp to dry crops on once it is cured.
Above: The Msamaria Mwema (means Good Samaritan). A local bus used to get to various markets and town.
Above: Lillian is wearing a head scarf.
Above: Violet's afternoon milking is done (she's carrying the amount she got from 2 cows).
Above: Achilles (dad) and Job (baby). Job is sitting on a pile of bricks that are ready to use. Grass on top protects them from being damaged by heavy rain while they continue to cure.
Above: Harvesting wet land rice.
Above: A young man and his Grandma.
Above: Making bricks from mud. He made this huge pile of soil and water then put it into the wooden form and then puts the brick on the ground to dry for a few days. Then it is fired to bake it.
Above: Threshing beans. Plants are pulled up roots and all and left to dry on the ground. Once the green parts and pods are dry they bang it with a heavy stick and the beans fall out of the pods onto the ground to be swept up and eventually cooked.
Above: Playing soccer.  (They call it football). They are using a home made ball made from old plastic bags and rubber bands. Ingenious.

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