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The first Children-of-Bukati graduates to go to University.

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BELOW:  The original photos, taken in 2007, updated photos in 2009, and the most recent photos from June 2012.

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to see the original 2007 webpage with their photos, and writeup, as they graduated from Primary School, and entered high-school.

Juliana and Sole were two of the first 3 students to graduate from Bukati Primary School as a result of the Children of Bukati Project.
This page lets you see how they are doing now.
BOTH STUDENTS are now successfully attending university.

In all likelihood, neither student would have made it this far without the assistance of the Children of Bukati project, and their sponsors.

Please Note:  All high school and university students are separately sponsored by an individual (or several individuals in a group such as a Book Club), and NOT out of the main Children of Bukati funds which are at the moment only able to support children at the 3 Primary schools and the School Permaculture Gardens for the Lunch Programs at the primary schools.
IF you are interested in sponsoring a High School Student PLEASE contact this website at info@childrenofbukati.com.
High School sponsors give HOPE to children studying hard at Primary School.


Above: Juliana; 2007

Juliana was the leader of the school when she was in grade 7 and grade 8. She was selected for both high academic standing and leadership skills.
Her English is excellent. She hopes to be a pilot.

Above: Sole; 2007

Sole is the AIDS orphan who had the highest marks in grade 8. She is being supported by a group of people from Guelph, Toronto and the surrounding area.
We are especially proud because she has just received the award for the highest marks in math in first term in grade 9.

Above: Juliana in July 2009

Juliana is now a dormitory prefect. She is to ensure the girls are going to bed on time and keeping the dorm clean but also serves as a mentor and sounding board for girls who want to share their problems. Juliana is also the group leader for her team for the cultural day celebration that will include dancing, singing, drama and narratives. She is still on the school soccer (football) team.

Above: Sole in July 2009.

Sole has grown in confidence and willingness to speak to me since last year.


BELOW:  The same 2 students in University, in August 2012.

Above: Juliana; August 2012.

Juliana has just completed the 1st year of the Bachelor of Education program at the University Masinde Muliro in Kakamega, the capital of Western Kenya.  She is looking forward to becoming a High School Teacher so that "besides teaching I can also help High School students realize their hidden talents and help them to take care of themselves and to achieve their goals in life."

Juliana is hoping to teach her favourite subjects which are English, Literature and Kiswahili.

Above: Sole; August 2012.

Sole has just finished her first year of a Bachelor of Science (Entrepreneurship) in the School of Business and Management Sciences at University of Eldoret. It is in the city of Eldoret in Kenya.

Sole, because of her exceptionally high marks, received a government sponsorship for university.


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