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Bukati Graduates Update: Nov. 2013

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Below are some recent photos of some of the original graduates of Bukati Primary School, and the Children of Bukati (COB) Project.
It's good to see them progressing, and also returning home for the holidays.

Above: Three Bukati-graduate students - from left to right: Jesica; Juliana; Sole.
For more photos of Juliana and Sole, please click here.

All three students above graduated from Bukati Primary. 
Jesica is now in her last week of Grade 9.
Juliana and Sole are both home for the holidays, and now going into Second-Year of University.


Above: Juliana's summer job to earn some income - her own market garden, back home in Butula.
This market garden is just one of her gardens to raise funds; others include a maize garden.

Juliana has been home since May 2013 but heads back to school to start her second year of University on November 22, 2013.
She came home during that time to live with her parents while school was not in session.

These are graduates from Buhuyi High School and are originally from Bukati Primary.


Above: KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) prayer day.

Mr. Augustine Wasike, principal of Bwaliro Primary school is in tan pants and a white shirt.
Standing, in the back row, are Stella, Principal Augustine and Anjeline.
Squatting in the front row are Evans (on the left) and another Bukati student who was not sponsored through COB.

Stella, Anjeline, and Evans went to Bukati Primary School. 
These three students were sponsored through COB (Children of Bukati) to attend high school at Buhuyi Secondary School.
The third week of October they wrote their KCSE - Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams.

They are now all done their highschool education. They expect to get the exam results in January 2014.


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Updated November 21, 2013