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One of the Bukati-Project Goals is:

Educate all AIDS orphans in Butula, Western Kenya

Since the Bukati project is becoming more self-sustaining, we have expanded the reach of the Bukati project to a nearby school.

The principal of this school is Mr. Augustine Wasike, who was the vice-principal of the Bukati Primary school a few years ago, before moving to this school, which is called Bwaliro Primary School, and is in a town about 20 Km. from Butula, the town where Bukati Primary School is located. 


If you would like a brief "refresher" on the status of Bwaliro Primary School in 2010, please review the following:

Bwaliro Contract - This is the contract between the "Children of Bukati" project, and the principal of the school in Bwaliro.

Page 26: Augustine's New School - First photos from Augustine's new school, taken in 2010. 


Following are photos of students and staff that were taken in May and June of 2012, at Bwaliro Primary School,
during a visit to the school by International Development students from the University of Guelph

Above: Class 8 lunch program
Above: Dishing out lunch for class 8 students
Boys cutting the grass at Bwaliro Primary
Girls weeding at Bwaliro Primary
Girls working hard at Bwaliro Primary School
Playing catch at Bwaliro Primary.
Students at Bwaliro Primary School.
Inside the classroom.
Studying hard at Bwaliro Primary School
Students at Bwaliro Primary
The guard at Bwaliro Primary School who also weaves baskets
Students weeding crops at Bwaliro Primary School.
Playing at recess time at Bwaliro Primary
Bwaliro Primary Teacher Valentine points out an interesting feature while mapping Bwaliro Primary school with teacher Evans and U of Guelph student Natalie looking on.
U of G student Natalie working with teachers Valentine and Evans as they draw a map of Bwaliro Primary School compound.
Bwaliro Primary Teacher Sharon taking a well-deserved break
Teachers Valentine and Evans creating a map
of the Bwaliro Primary School compound
Teachers working under the mango tree in the outdoor office at Bwaliro Primary School
U of G student Kiera entertaining students at Bwaliro Primary School
Bwaliro Primary Teacher Valentine with U of G student Kiera's guitar as they walk to a meeting
L.J., a U of G student learning to dance with the girls at Bwaliro Primary School.
U of G student Kiera teachers Bwaliro Primary teacher Valentine to play guitar.

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