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Chickens, Eggs, Maize, Pigs at the School

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Following are photos of the chickens, eggs, pigs, maize, etc, that your donations are helping to provide.

Above: Student holding eggs from the school-chickens

Above: Lots of eggs from the school chickens

Above: Kale growing at the school-yard

Above: Kale and maize (corn) growing at the school-yard

Above: Building the kitchen

Above: The kitchen - the finished product

Above: Cooking lunch

Above: Bricks made by the students

Above: Girl with chicken - to provide eggs

Above: Lunch is prepared

Above: Porridge

Above: Lunch

Above: Students getting their porridge

Above: Beans and corn cooking

Above: Water-well

Above: Posho-mill, for grinding maize (corn)

Above: Tree seedlings ready to be planted

Above: Gilt pigs at school

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Updated Dec. 13 2007