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Page 1 - Photos of the children at school

Above: School Assembly

Dr Cate Dewey, professor at U. of Guelph, meets some of the students.

Above: The children sit on the floor, since there aren't enough desks.

Dr. Cate Dewey providing pencils and pens to the AIDS orphans.

Dr. Cate Dewey receiving bracelets made by the students, to sell in Canada

Above: Family of orphans living with one woman

Above: Orphans wanting to go to school



 Above: Aids orphans living with same family

Above: AIDS orphans receiving pencils for school



 Above: New Classrooms

 Above: School Grounds



 Above: Principal with students

Above: Grade 1 students 



 Above: AIDS orphans at school

 Above: Happy Faces on the children



 Above: Tailor, measuring a student for a school uniform

 Above: Family



 Above: Students writing letters to Canada

Above: Students writing letters to Canada 

Above 6 photos: Students eating their porridge

Above: Children waving

Above: The Setting Sun

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